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Raamatu pressimisvahend

Raamatu pressimisvahend

🗹 add a personal touch to your collection

🗹 works on books, envelopes and stickers

🗹 no ink needed

🗹 easy to use

Dagger of Destiny
Dagger of Destiny
Book of Life
Book of Life
Radiant Sunflower
Radiant Sunflower
Elegant Ivy
Elegant Ivy
Regular price $483.00 USD
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Raamatu pressimisvahend

Regular price $483.00
Regular price $483.00 Sale price
SPAR Sold out
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  • over 10,000 sold
  • free 90 day returns

How do I create my custom design for the embosser?

Creating your unique design is easy! Simply select your seal design, type in your name and click "Add To Cart". We'll create your seal on the next business day and ship out your order shortly after.

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Included FREE with every embosser:

🗹 50 golden seal stickers

🗹 personal travel case with matching design

Transform every book in your collection into a personalized keepsake.

Experience the warm, nostalgic touch of vintage elegance, as each press embeds your personal signature into the heart of your cherished collection. Transform your library into a bespoke treasury, where every page whispers your name, binding you forever to your favorite tales.

Worldwide Shipping Policy

Your Custom Book Embosser will take 3 days to craft and 3-7 business days to ship. We provide worldwide shipping, ensuring everyone can enjoy our unique product. Tracking numbers are issued as soon as production begins, keeping you informed every step of the way.

90-Day Guarantee - 100% Money Back

If you are not fully satisfied with your Custom Book Embosser, you may return it within 90 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange. Please ensure the product is in its original condition and packaging. Contact our customer service team using the contact form on our website to initiate the return process, and we will guide you through the steps to ensure a smooth experience!

  • custom for you

    a personal seal for your unique collection

  • no ink needed

    forget messy stamps- our embossers are clean and quick

  • gentle on pages

    gently emboss your treasures in a few seconds

  • pro craftsmanship

    designed and produced by international artisans

Frequent Questions

How do I submit my custom design for the embosser?

Creating your unique design is easy! Simply select your seal design, type in your name and click "Add To Cart". We'll create your seal on the next business day and ship out your order shortly after.

What materials are compatible with the embosser?

The embosser is designed to work best with standard book paper, stickers and envelopes. Thicker weight papers are okay to emboss as well but we do not recommend cardboard or thicker materials.

How long will it take to receive my custom embosser?

The custom crafting of your embosser takes approximately 3 days, followed by a shipping period of 3-7 business days depending on your location.

How do I properly use and care for my embosser to ensure its longevity?

To ensure the longevity of your embosser, use it on suitable paper thickness, avoid excessive force, and store it in a dry, clean place. If the embosser gets dirty, gently wipe the surfaces with a dry cloth. For the first few uses, try embossing on scrap paper to remove any manufacturing residues.

What should I do if there is a problem with my embosser when it arrives?

If there's an issue with your embosser upon arrival, please contact our customer service immediately. Provide a detailed description of the problem and photos if possible. We'll work with you to resolve the issue, whether that means sending a replacement or offering a refund according to our 60-day return policy.

Klientide arvustused

10 arvustuse põhjal
Karen M.

Minu lemmikraamatutele isikliku pitseri lisamine on midagi uskumatult liigutavat. Justkui jätaksin ma endast maha pärandi, tükikese iseendast lehekülgede vahele. Iga kord, kui näen pressitud pitserit, meenutan ma teekondi, millel olen käinud, ja neid, mis veel ees ootavad.

Eugene V.

Päev, mil minu kohandatud press saabus, oli nagu unenägu. Seda käes hoides tundsin ma kohest sidet oma raamatutega, mida varem ei olnud kunagi tundnud.Kui ma esimesele leheküljele pitseri vajutasin, täitusin sügava uhkuse ja kuuluvustundega. See pitsat ei ole mitte ainult minu raamatukogu täiustanud, vaid on süvendanud ka minu armastust iga loo vastu.

Barry B.

Nagu reklaamitud. Väga lihtne kokku panna. Mulle meeldib, kuidas see kohvris hoiustamiseks kokku käib.

Shane L.

Alguses olin natuke skeptiline, kuid olen nii rõõmus, et otsustasin selle pitsati tellida. See on lisanud minu raamatukogule täiesti uue isikupärastamise taseme. Lisaks saabus see kiiremini, kui ootasin!

Rach D.

Viis tärni! Pitsat töötab nagu võluväel ja klienditeenindus oli minu disainiküsimustes uskumatult abivalmis. Hädavajalik igaühele, kes soovib oma raamatuid isikupärastada või luua mõtliku kingituse.